Best English Speaking Course in Chandigarh

We are the ones that will guide you to the future.

IELTS Achiever – Best English Speaking Course in Chandigarh believes that everyone wants to improve upon their Spoken English skills nowadays as it has become a necessity. Search for an institute that can provide excellent training in Spoken English has become a tough job. Students who desire to study abroad or settle there cannot ignore the fact that Spoken English skills are the backbone of studying abroad. As India is the fastest growing economy in the world, leading companies of developed and developing nations are keen on having close networks with emerging Indian companies. Having conditions to meet the world standard, many Indian companies are forced to hire candidates with impeccable language ability.



We are the ones that will guide you to the future.


To be successful you must possess good communication skills in English. If you lack spoken English skills then your chances of working or studying in foreign land become dim and you in spite of having a good experience would lose the opportunity.

We, at IELTS ACHIEVERS, provide you with the best teaching methodology under the guidance of experienced and dedicated staff. Our courses are specifically designed for school students, college students, job aspirants, professionals, those appearing in international exams, housewives and all those for whom speaking good English is important.

The Tests consist of two parts and six Levels.

We have an integrated course for Spoken English, which is complete kit in itself for Spoken English and overall Personality Development. The programme comprises of four levels for students at different stages based on capability. As you scale higher levels, you face challenges but the content remains the same.

Best English Speaking Course in Chandigarh

Why do you need Spoken English Classes?

English is everywhere. The message you’re reading right now is in English. Your phone, computer, tablets, internet, to every product you buy from the market has English on or in it. It’s imperative to have a command of this universal language. We will look into the need for spoken English, why you should take it, and how it will help you in different aspects of your life. 

Here’s are the essential reasons as to why you should opt for spoken English classes:
  • Universal Language: There is no doubt that English is used everywhere in the world. You go to any corner of the world and you would find English there, it doesn’t matter what the native language is. So, if there’s only one language that will make you able to communicate with any person in the world, then it is English. If you look into it that way, English is also a surviving language in any country you go to.\
  • Getting a Job: It is almost compulsory for candidates to be proficient in English if they want to get a job. Any government and private job, regardless of the level, wants the candidate to be a good English speaker. So learning spoken English will make you the perfect candidate for the job and will give you a strong competitive edge over others.
  • Career Growth: Top organizations want only those people on their management that are fluent and outspoken, especially in English. So that they can handle the different situations well and easily. For every person who is looking to grow his career in any organization, Spoken English is a must. That way one can ensure maximum corporate growth.
  • Education: Every study curriculum in India is English based. From junior school to post-graduation, the majority of the subjects are in the English language as it is the universally accepted language. That makes English learning inevitable. To get the maximum out of the education and a course, good command of English is the prime requirement.
  • Overseas Opportunity: English is the most spoken language in the world with over 1,132 million speakers. If you know how to speak English fluently, it opens a wide array of overseas opportunities for you. You can study abroad, or you can apply for a job in a multinational corporation. Which will allow you to earn a significantly more income as compared to those who work in only domestic organizations.

You can see learning to speak fluent English has tons of benefits and it not only impacts your study but your whole future. You don’t need to be told that once you get a job in a top multinational corporation, you won’t need to look back at your struggle day, right? 

So, now that you know why you should learn to speak English. Let us look at how we can help you do that in less than 90 days. 

How IELTS Achiever will help you?

Speaking fluent English requires a systematic approach and commitment from, both, the institution and the student. While we are 100% sure about you and that you will do whatever it takes to get fluent, here’s what we, as the Best Spoken English Institute in Chandigarh, will do to help you in the process:

  • We have the only curriculum in the whole of Tricity that will enable you to grasp the basic content of English with ease. Our tailor-made techniques will help you to get English on your tongue within the first month. That’s right! At the end of the first month, you will be able to speak basic English with ease.
  • We take a monitoring approach in our study modules where your progress will be monitored every week and you will be given tasks according to your level of progress. This will ensure that you will get rewarded for your hard work and don’t feel left out if you’re new.
  • Here at The Best English Speaking Course in Chandigarh – IELTS Achiever, each student gets the personal care and attention of the tutor. Unlike our school where they give every student, regardless of how slow a learner he/she is, equal treatment. Our teacher will teach you according to your level and speed of learning.
  • Our modules are filled with fun games and activities that will make learning a fun experience and you will never get bored during your learning process. We organize roleplay events every week that enables you to get comfortable while handling different situations.

We are sure that you need more information. The good news is you can call us at ___ and get complete information about our best spoken English course in Chandigarh and get started with your fluent journey. 

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